Situation in China Today

Each year in China, 1.2 million babies are born with birth defects. A baby is born with a disability every 30 seconds.
(Source:, 2009)

More than 460,000 abandoned children were living in China at the end of 2016 — less than one-fifth of them living in orphanages.
(Source: Ministry of Civil Affairs, China, 2016)

According to the statistics from China Disabled Persons’ Federation, there are 80 million people with various disabilities living in China today, constituting 6 % of the total population.

Our Work in China

Since its founding in 1993, International China Concern (ICC) has partnered with the Chinese government to develop social welfare services for China’s most vulnerable – abandoned children with disabilities.

In February 2019, ICC is approved as a Foreign Non-governmental Organisation (FNGO) working in
China, setting up a representative office in Hunan.

Our reputation and relationships in China place us in an excellent position to not only provide family-style group homes and specialist services for the neediest children, but also to empower and train local staff to save lives, support families, transform communities and change public attitudes towards disability.

Family—Style Group Homes

Caring for abandoned children with disabilities

Today, ICC is working in two cities in China: Changsha and Hengyang in Hunan Province – to provide holistic care and nurture to abandoned children and young adults with disabilities.

Family Support Services

Keeping special needs families together

ICC strives to prevent abandonment by providing family support services to those raising children with disabilities.

Our Impact

ICC has worked in China for 25 years. ICC is recognised as one of the leading organisations in China that provide the greatest range of orphan care and specialist services.


close to 900 disabled children and young adults who were abandoned have received holistic care and nurture from ICC


293 children with disabilities who were abandoned have been adopted into families in China and overseas countries


325 families raising children or young adults with disabilities received professional family support services


more than 5,000 short term volunteers from overseas countries have been mobilised to serve in ICC's care centres

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