More Ways to Give

Make a real difference in the lives of China’s vulnerable children and young adults with disabilities. It’s a great way for your family and friends to give together, or to donate a gift on behalf of others.

Gifts of Love

Improve the lives of children living with disabilities with practical gifts of basic needs:

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Give a gift today

  • $30
    $30 will provide the wages for a carer for 5 children for 1 day. Without the love, care and hard work of our nannies, many of our children might not be alive today.
  • $75
    $75 will provide special education for one child for 3 months. Education means the difference between just living and truly thriving in their communities.
  • $100
    $100 will provide therapy for one child for 4 months. Your support means that a child can take their first steps or say their first words.
  • $40
    For $40 a month, you can help provide for all of a child's daily needs. You give them the chance to feel like part of a family and to live a meaningful life.

Gifts of Opportunity

A life of opportunity should be accessible to people of all conditions. Fund a project, a floor of group homes, or a Mobile Care Van to create a stronger impact on ICC’s children or families.

Circle of Hope
“Fundraising Dinners”
Walk the Wall
“An International Fundraising Walkathon”
Be a Volunteer
“Support in Action”