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【CEO Report】1st Quarterly Newsletter

No matter where you live, you have been affected by the pandemic that has been afflicting our planet in recent months. While the worst appears to be over in China…

【CEO Message】China Update: Hengyang Care Centre

The social welfare department in the city of Hengyang has requested that ICC’s care centre go on lockdown effective today. While there is no indication that Covid-19 presents a health risk at the centre, the officials want to be extra safe, since a welfare centre in neighbouring Hubei province (epicentre of the virus) saw an outbreak last week.

【CEO Message】 China Update

I am sure you are all following the developments in China, and are aware that the number of new cases of the coronavirus continues to climb. I want to assure you that all necessary steps have been taken to ensure the safety of the young people in our care and our staff.

【CEO Message】Coronavirus and ICC

Dear friends, I am sure that you are all watching the developments in China with a mixture of emotions, especially… more

SPECIAL NEWS | New Life in ICC Changsha Care Centre

There is new life that has come into Changsha Care Centre, with the addition of 28 precious lives to Senyu Home and Enquan Yuan.

【CEO Report】from December Newsletter

Dear Friends, I am very inspired by the direction that ICC is taking in 2020. We have the opportunity to… more

【CEO Report】Life in Action: Saying Farewell and Welcome in the Same Season

ICC’s work brings great joy and satisfaction that is occasionally punctuated by moments of sadness. This is understandable and unavoidable:… more

ICC invited to present at Annual CAFO Conference

International China Concern is honored to join thousands of world-changers from all over the globe at the CAFO2019 Summit. Held May… more

ICC is approved as a Registered Charity working in China

International China Concern is proud and grateful to announce that it has registered a representative office in Hunan with the… more