The Medical Fund supports a range of vital medical needs for children who live in ICC’s care centres and for children who are served by our Family Partners Programme. Through one fund, you can provide assistance and hope to dozens of young people and ensure that the children receive the medical care they deserve.

Lele Needs Eye Surgery

Lele is an outgoing 14-year old who lives with her grandmother on the 4th floor of an old building in Changsha. Lele has cerebral palsy. When she was born, doctors encouraged Lele’s parents to abandon her. She was not expected to live past the age of three.

Lele’s grandmother was adamant that the child would not be given up. Even as her parents drifted away, 70-year-old Mrs He vowed to care for her granddaughter, and she has done so for more than a decade on her meagre pension of roughly US$280 a month.

Lele is a happy and loving child, but she faces numerous medical complications.

The most critical challenge affects her eyesight. Doctors recommend urgent surgery to maintain Lele’s sight, but her grandmother doesn’t have the money.

ICC’s Medical Fund exists for situations such as this. Although the government pays for some medical procedures, eye surgery is not covered. Without your support, Lele’s eyesight will be permanently impaired.

Each donation will be used only for healthcare-related needs—for children like Lele,  who deserves a chance to see a glowing world of support and friendship.

Each year, young people in ICC programmes face medical needs that require your support. Often impoverished families have no ability to provide the treatment that their child needs. In our care centres, children with complex medical needs require special attention in order to survive and thrive.

By contributing to our Medical Fund, you can ensure that babies who require special care receive all the support they need, and that medical challenges won’t stand in the way of a young person achieving their potential.
By making a monthly donation to the ICC Medical Fund, you will be assisting many young people throughout the year, and you’ll receive quarterly reports on the impact you’ve had through this programme. Or start with a single donation, and see the results of your compassion.

Provide life-transforming surgeries,
critical care and essential medicines to
children who urgently need them.