The Medical Fund supports a range of vital medical needs for children who live in ICC’s care centres and for children who are served by our Family Partners Programme. Through one fund, you can provide assistance and hope to dozens of young people and ensure that the children receive the medical care they deserve.

When A Family Needs Help

“There is a child served by Cross Care Team #2 named Yikai. He is a five-year-old boy with a developmental delay. He was also recently diagnosed with neurofibramatosis. Because this is a rare genetic disorder, there is no known treatment available in China.  

His mother is very concerned. Yikai has a seven-year-old sister who is in elementary school. Her husband works out-of-town and she is solely responsible for the care of their two children. Last year Yikai had kidney problems that have affected his mobility. Therefore, his therapy and progress have been impeded. In addition to these stressful conditions, Yikai’s mother also recently learned she is pregnant with her third child.  

These are the families we exist for. In a time of crisis such as this, our crucial involvement is made possible by partners like you.”  

—David Bondy, Director of FPP

With your support, the Cross Care team is assisting Yikai’s family to help them better understand his condition. The team hopes to connect the family with local charity  organisations and arrange further consultations with medical specialists in the region. 

Each year, young people in ICC programmes face medical needs that require your support. Often impoverished families have no ability to provide the treatment that their child needs. In our care centres, children with complex medical needs require special attention in order to survive and thrive.

By contributing to our Medical Fund, you can ensure that babies who require special care receive all the support they need, and that medical challenges won’t stand in the way of a young person achieving their potential.
By making a monthly donation to the ICC Medical Fund, you will be assisting many young people throughout the year, and you’ll receive quarterly reports on the impact you’ve had through this programme. Or start with a single donation, and see the results of your compassion.

Provide life-transforming surgeries,
critical care and essential medicines to
children who urgently need them.