Frequently Asked Questions

What is Family Partners Programme?

In Hunan province, thousands of families have been struggling to care for their children with disabilities. To prevent abandonment and help these families remain together, ICC has launched this programme to provide the much-needed family support services, along with an equally important goal to transform societal attitude towards disability in the community.


How will my monthly donation be used?

Your monthly donation, pooled with those of other donors, will help support a group of 5 families raising children with moderate to severe disabilities in the local community. They will help fund a range of direct family support services which include individualised therapy and special education for the children, home visits, counselling and more for the family as a whole.

Your support also helps ICC reach out to members in the local community. ICC believes that it takes a community to bring better lives for these families with special needs. Therefore, we also make an effort to raise public awareness and facilitate social inclusion through various recreational and educational activities.


What updates will I receive as a Family Partner?

As a new partner, you will receive a Welcome Pack that introduces the background and needs of a group of 5 families.

Each year you will receive three updates: two focusing on the needs and progress of the group of 5 families you are connected with, and how they have been benefited from ICC’s work; and one annual update on the overall impacts and future opportunities of the Family Partners Programme.


Can I visit my partnered families?

You are welcome to visit ICC’s work in China by joining one of our Short Term Teams. Unlike the children in ICC’s direct care, the families in this programme are living independently in the communities, so please be aware that visits can only be arranged with the consent of these families and where arrangements can be made. Your understanding will be greatly appreciated.


Can I share information of (or photos after visiting) my partnered families on the internet or social media?

We love to have our donors sharing their joy of partnership. However, to ensure the safety and protect the privacy of your partnered families,  please DO NOT disclose their personal details (e.g. Family name, identification number, project location and address, etc.) or photos (after visiting them) on social media.


What happens when my partnered family leaves the programme?

If one of your partnered families in the group transitions out of our programme, you will be connected with another family in need of support, and you will be notified in the progress updates.  Sustaining your partnership is critical to ICC’s ongoing work, allowing us to reach out to as many families as possible.