David Gotts

David Gotts founded International China Concern in 1993.  Three years earlier, as a UK native, he had travelled to China for the first time through Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Hong Kong.

David’s visit to the Nanning Welfare Centre — a government-run welfare centre — opened his eyes to the desperate conditions of China’s abandoned and disabled at that time. For two years, he studied Mandarin so he could better serve the children and young adults.  Since then, he has lived in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Canada.

David provides oversight and leadership to ICC’s work both in China and internationally.

International Board

The International Board provides overall guidance and governance for ICC’s work in China and around the world.

Dale Weathington

Board Chair

“I am inspired by the hope and joy that ICC brings to the children and young adults in its care.”

“I still vividly remember my first trip to ICC in 2011 and the unforgettable experience of holding a little girl who had recently been abandoned because she was missing her right arm. I remember the love she was given by the staff and the hope that came with becoming part of the ICC family. I remember returning to Hengyang six months later, looking forward to holding her again, only to discover that she had been given a Forever Family (adopted)…what joy! It was in that moment that I realized the full impact of ICC’s work and that ICC is all about changing lives of the “least of these”, bringing love, hope and opportunity to those that can’t help themselves. A young girl’s life had forever been changed because of the works of ICC.”


Lyndel Clancy


“I am inspired by the incredible changes that have taken place in the lives of those in ICC’s care since I first stepped foot in the Changsha Care Centre in 1995. Not only do the children and young adults have LIFE — they have FULLNESS of life! I am also inspired by our staff, both local and international, for their dedication, commitment, genuine love and their selfless sacrifice in bringing love, hope and opportunity to hundreds of lives. I love the ICC story!”

Stewart Evans


I am inspired by seeing faith in action. The children and young adults encourage me to serve in Faith, and in doing so I receive far more in return. This reciprocal response means that many years later I am still inspired, motivated and blessed to be involved.”

Andrew Gardener

Hong Kong

“I am inspired by the joy and generosity that is so evident in each of the children and young adults I meet in ICC’s family. I remember this one time when a little girl with Down syndrome saw me enter a room and with a huge smile stretched out her arms for me to give her a hug.  As I held her in my arms I realized the opposite was true – she didn’t want to receive a hug, she wanted to give a hug.  Her delight and generosity of love will always remain with me.”

Thomas Lim


“I am inspired by the transformation I witness in the children who have grown and developed under the diligent care of our ICC staff across all the projects.”


Ruth Smith


“I am inspired by the love that ICC’s children show to each other. Despite having nothing, they are able to share everything. To watch the young people in the group homes come together as one new family, living and helping each other when times are tough or when tasks are physically impossible is truly inspiring.”


Ian Sigsworth

Board Chair of Australia Office

“I am inspired by the faith in action through ICC’s family of caregivers who bring love and hope into the lives and hearts of these precious children in China.”


Francis Chung

Board Chair of Canada Office

“From first hearing the founding story of ICC to seeing the transformed Iives of the children and the dedication of the volunteers in different capacities in the field and elsewhere, it has been a continually inspiring experience. I feel humbled, privileged and blessed to be able to serve in the ICC family.”


Emilie Banfield

Board Chair of Hong Kong Office

“I am inspired by the love, care and dedication that comes from the hearts of all the caregivers and staff, and the joy and smiles on the faces of the children.”


Rens Bravenboer

Board Chair of the Netherlands Office

“I am inspired by the dedication and teamwork among members of the ICC family in serving the children. Together, we show God’s love and the value of these children in China.”


Simon Gates

Board Chair of UK Office
“I am inspired by the incredible difference ICC makes in the children’s lives by bringing them love, hope and opportunity. Seeing them changed and coming alive as they have moved into ICC’s care is quite remarkable.”  

Michele Harris

Board Chair of USA Office

“I am inspired by ICC’s ability to sow the seeds of regard within the children and young adults they love and care for, the welfare officials they respect and work beside, and the caregivers they train and mentor.  We all must scale the mountain of regard from the bottom where society sees the individual with a disability as an embarrassment and burden, through learning to care for their needs, desire their highest level of well-being, and feel pride in their accomplishments, to the top where we see every individual as a unique and powerful piece of God’s image.”

International Operations

The International Operations Leadership Team provides overall strategy and support for our new network of National Offices around the world that work to raise awareness and funds for ICC.

Peter Maize

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Peter Maize brings more than 15 years of experience working with non-profits in China.  Previously, he was the China Regional Director, overseeing operations for an international organization for 10 years.  He also worked with groups engaged in poverty alleviation projects in the Philippines and Africa.

Geoff Hall

Pastoral Care Director

Trent Frecklington

International Operations Director

Krim Chan

Marketing and Communications Director

Ian Dobson

Sponsorship Manager

Sylvia Soon

Short Term Teams Manager & Executive Assistant to Founder

China Operations

The China Operations Leadership Team provides overall strategy and management for ICC’s work in China.
Responsibilities include coordinating the international volunteers, liaising with the local government officials and departments, providing training and management for the day-to-day operations of ICC’s care facilities.

Kyla Alexander

China Operations Director

Kyla has lived in China and worked with ICC since 2001.  Kyla spent her first two years in China studying Chinese at university in Changsha.  In 2006, she led a team to establish the Hengyang Spring Project and managed this work for 6 years before handing it over to a local project manager.  She has been the China Operations Director since 2012.

Chen Caiyan

Director of China National Office

Chen Caiyan first worked for ICC at the start of the Changsha project in 1997 until 2007, serving in various administrative and management positions.  Caiyan then left ICC for several years to raise her family, returning in 2016 to work as the Director of our China National Office. Caiyan now manages ICC’s Representative Office in China, providing support for ICC’s various projects.


Li Ming

Changsha Area Manager

Karen Norman

International Team Leader / International Project Liaison

David Bondy

Family Partners Programme Development Manager

Karen Lee

Changsha Community Group Homes Manager

Joan Sun

Family Partners Programme Social Worker Consultant

Gracy Bondy

Family Partners Programme Social Worker

Rachel Pitt

Occupational Therapist

Matthew Pitt

Youth Worker

Andrew Inkpen

Changsha Team Logistics Manager

Darcie Inkpen

Early Education Teacher


Ci Ci Xiao

Hengyang Project Manager

Alison Kennedy

Therapy Manager

Hilda Pang

Hengyang Visitors and Teams Coordinator

Donna Laurie

Youth Worker

Madeline Fok

Computer Teacher and Tutor

Network of Offices

Our network of offices around the world works to raise awareness and funds for ICC. Each office in that region enables donors to connect with ICC and provides a base for people interested in participating in short-term teams or long-term volunteering. They reach out to their own area to grow the organisation.

ICC Australia

Board Members

  • Ian Sigsworth (Chair)
  • Claire Watson (Vice-Chair)
  • Justin Anemaat
  • Brian Tidmarsh
  • Graham Young
  • Christy Yu
  • Dennis Brown-Kenyon

Staff Members

  • Doug Lyte (National Office Director)
  • Christina Parnell (Office Admin)
  • Hailey Cong (Development)
  • Rod Nicholls (Development)

ICC Canada

Board Members

  • Francis Chung (Chair)
  • Millie Chan (Vice-Chair)
  • Kerry Tse (Secretary)
  • David Cheng
  • Rich Mills

Staff Members

  • Denise Mosawi (Executive Director)
  • Karen Chu (Office Admin)
  • Maggie Kum (Finance)
  • Marissa Barrie (Development)
  • Sunnie Pei (Development)
  • Rebecca Harrington(Development Initiatives Graphic Designer)

ICC Hong Kong

Board Members

  • Emilie Chau (Chair)
  • Evan Miracle
  • David Gotts
  • Trevor Smith
  • Mina Chung
  • Anna Gardener
  • Anne-maree Allen

Staff Members

  • David Chang (Executive Director)
  • Francesca Bromage (Sponsorship Executive)
  • Jake Chu (Event/Marketing Executive)

ICC Singapore

Board Members

  • Carolyn Cheong (Chair)
  • Kwang Keat Lim
  • William Tan

ICC Netherlands

Board Members

  • Rens Bravenboer (Chair)
  • Vibeke Pronk
  • Margreet Peschar
  • Hellen Li

Staff Members

  • Rens Bravenboer (National Director)
  • Vibeke Pronk (Admin)
  • Sylvia van der Putten (Finance)
  • Vacant (Development)

ICC UK & Republic of Ireland

Board Members

  • David Gotts  (Lifetime Honorary Member)
  • Simon Gates (Chair)
  • Richard Hubbard
  • John Raines
  • Andy Pestell
  • Katie Simpsom

Staff Members

  • Judy Elliott (National Director)
  • Phillip Worth (Office Admin)
  • Rebecca Pearey (Development)
  • Beth Bray(Fundraising Admin)

ICC USA - American Friends of ICC

Board Members

  • Michele Harris (Chair)
  • Sylvia Leong
  • Richard Relyea
  • Ken Smith

Staff Members

  • Tracy Imbach (National Office Director)
  • Kim Cancelosi (Development Coordinator)
  • Erin Schmidt (Adoptive Families and Sponsorship Coordinator)
  • Tiffany Nangle(Development Assistant)
  • Renata Dalrymple (Bookkeeper)
  • Victoria Johnson (Volunteer for AFICC)