Volunteer in Sanmenxia
Founded in 2010, Sanmenxia is the newest ICC project. Through a partnership with the Sanmenxia Social Welfare Centre we care for more than 90 children in the government centre, and help oversee a number who live in foster care. More than 90% of these children have significant disabilities. 

New Model of Cooperation

Instead of opening our own facilities, we work as part of the management structure within the Sanmenxia Social Welfare Centre and share the costs of operation. Together, we are changing the way care is provided in Henan province for the abandoned and disabled.

The project is located in a new facility, but that doesn't mean the challenges of providing care for children with disabilities don't remain. However, since the start of our cooperation we have made huge strides to improve the caregiver-to-child ratio. The norm was 1 caregiver for every 17 children, and this has now been reduced to an average of 1:5—a really amazing transformation. 

Raising Standards of Care

Our team is constantly training local staff to raise the standard of care for the children. The Welfare Centre has implemented our management practices and the quality of life for these children has dramatically changed.

Family-Style Living

The model of family-style living is being actively implemented both in the Welfare Centre, as well as moving toward community-based homes for some young people.

There is an urgent need for staff and therapists to work in Sanmenxia to improve therapy and medical facilities, provide therapy training and to facilitate special education programs.

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