A joint venture with the Hengyang Welfare Centre, this project cares for more than 160 babies, children and young adults. Our teams began working in the government centre in 2004 and saw children make huge progress when they received focused attention. Children who previously couldn’t make eye contact began to play and interact. Since 2006, a dedicated group of volunteers has lived in the city, working at the Welfare Centre to improve quality of life for children with disabilities—transforming that community.

Hengyang Children's Care Centre

Located on the grounds of the Hengyang Welfare Centre, ICC's specially-built four-story Children's Care Centre is home for approximately 140 babies, children and young adults. The residents live in family-style homes of between 6-8, living as brothers or sisters. They have consistent caregivers who are like parents to them. The families live and eat together, have their own beds and learn how to care for themselves and each other.

Our services at the Children's Care Centre include baby care units, a medical unit, education programmes, youth work, vocational training and therapy. 

Community Group Homes

In 2012 we opened the Rich Hubbard Community Group Homes, two specially renovated homes for older children within a neighbourhood that is close to schools, markets and buses. Many of the children living there attend local schools and learn how to live within the community, the first of many steps toward greater independence.
Children in Hengyang

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