Changsha was the first ICC project, started in 1993, in partnership with the government-run Changsha No. 1 Welfare Centre. In 1997 we opened our first care facility and home, Oasis House, to 43 children. We quickly added Hope House, more than doubling our capacity to 100 children and young adults. 

Care Facilities

Today we maintain our partnership with the Welfare Centre, but most of our children are housed throughout the community in Community Group Homes or ICC care facilities, such as the Lighthouse Children's Centre, with caregivers who support them. 

These homes are just like little families. Residents help with chores like cooking, shopping and cleaning, according to their abilities. They go on frequent outings, and many attend local schools and colleges.  

High Needs Care

Those with profound disabilities get intensive 24-hour care. For these children, a good day is a day without stress or pain. Workers at this specialist facility provide tailored medical support and therapy programs specially geared to improve the quality of life for the residents.

Vocational Training

Those that don’t work or study may take part in our Vocational Training Centre. In this sheltered workshop, participants collaboratively learn a variety of skills. These young adults take huge pride in their work and receive a small monthly salary. 

Community Outreach Project

Ending abandonment means giving parents the resources to care for their special needs children. We want to keep families together and our Community Outreach Project (COP) is doing just that. We started this Changsha initiative in 2008 to reduce the number of children abandoned due to lack of family support. 

The COP is a sustainable and replicable model for supporting families with a disabled child, improving quality of life for the entire family unit. Learn more about the Community Outreach Project.
Yao Shi and his friends in Changsha

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