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Taking steps to end abandonment

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The Great Wall of China stretches 6,000 km across parts of northern China. It was built as an impassable barrier—which is how a lot of people see the problem of abandonment in China. 

But collectively we can cover the distance, and we can save children.
In 2007 we imagined bringing 600 people together to Walk the Wall. If each person walked 10km, together we’d cover the length of the wall. And people responded. 

Every year we grow—adding more people and new cities. In dozens of cities around the world, ICC supporters gather to walk in support of the work we do.

In 2015 our walkers covered the length of the Great Wall many times over. Together we raised more than USD $470,000 to care for abandoned children with disabilities in China, and together we are taking physical steps to end abandonment and neglect.

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