Volunteer Positions in China

The needs of our children are great and they are also varied.  At the core of the work of ICC are the skilled volunteers who work in China, utilising their expertise to elevate the standards of care for the disabled.

Occupational Therapist 

Occupational Therapists perform assessments, treatments and reviews for children with physical and mental disabilities within the ICC Projects. In collaboration with an interdisciplinary team, you will play a crucial role in helping the children gain independent, productive and satisfying lives. 


Physiotherapists provide “hands on” assessment, diagnostic, rehabilitative and preventative services within an interdisciplinary health team with an ICC project location. The goal is to evaluate the children’s needs based on present disability, prescribe individualized treatment plans and ultimately ensure the realization of maximum physical mobility and functional independence. Additionally the position exists to provide training and instruction to the local therapy assistants so that treatment programs can be continued at the end of service period. 

Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) or Speech Therapist 

Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) and Speech Therapists assess, diagnose, treat and help prevent speech related disorders found in children with disabilities. They will develop therapeutic programs for speech, language, cognitive, communication, voice, swallowing, fluency, and other related disorders. 

Special Education Teacher 

Special Education Teachers instruct our children in academic subjects as well as daily living skills to benefit their academic, behavioural and social development. You will contribute to developing and implementing strategies to meet the needs of children who have a variety of disabilities. 

Activity Coordinator 

Activity Coordinators are required to work alongside the therapy teams to provide stimulation and activities for infants and children of all ages with varying abilities. They will also support and monitor local staff in running activity programmes for the children. This role would suit an early childhood teacher, likewise someone with experience with children in any setting would be a good fit. 

Art Therapist 

Art Therapists utilize the creative process of art making to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the children under the care of ICC. You will also provide essential contribution in the assessment, diagnosis, and rehabilitation in the area of mental and emotional health.

Child Psychologist 

Child Psychologists help to provide a range of mental health services, including direct clinical services such as formal psychological assessments, diagnosis, treatments, and crisis intervention. In collaboration with an interdisciplinary team, individualised programs will be developed and implemented for children with developmental problems that stem from psychological, behavioural and/or psychiatric illness. 


In collaboration with an interdisciplinary team, counsellors aid in delivering comprehensive care programs for children, youth and adults with physical and mental disabilities through appropriate individual and group counselling. 

Medical Doctors and Nurses

Medical doctors and nurses support each project location in the diagnosis and treatment of babies, children and young people under the care of ICC. They will demonstrate an example of evidence-based practice that meets the needs of children and young people with varying medical problems, and physical and intellectual disabilities. 

Music Therapist 

As a Music Therapist, you will use music creatively to encourage non-verbal communication from disabled children to ultimately influence positive behavioural and psychological changes. Through teamwork with the interdisciplinary team, you will play a crucial role in helping children develop appropriate social skills and self-awareness, and realize their true potential. 

Vocational Training Manager 

A Vocational Training Manager is responsible for setting up a vocational programme for young people with physical and mental disabilities. They would also train and support a team of local workers who daily integrate and work with our youth. The role would be suited to a social worker, therapist or disability worker.