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International China Concern is a Christian development organisation that changes lives by bringing love, hope and opportunity to China's abandoned and disabled. 

In this documentary, David Gotts, founder and Executive Director of ICC, shares the story of ICC's mission and how God led him to start the organisation in 1993.

Directed by Trevor Johnston, ThoughtShop Inc. (www.thoughtshop.com), and narrated by Christopher Gaze.

ICC Documentary - Chinese subtitles (Simplified)

ICC Documentary - Chinese subtitles (Traditional)

ICC's Founding Story

The ICC Founding Story documents the journey that David Gotts, founder and Executive Director of International China Concern, went on that led him to China as a young man. What started as a fascination with Chinese culture, grew into a trip in the early 1990s that changed his life. 

In this video, David recounts that story of how he witnessed the desperate situation that children with disabilities faced -- abandonment and almost certain death -- that impacted his life so much, he began International China Concern.

ICC in Changsha

ICC in Hengyang

Community Outreach Project

The Community Outreach Project in Changsha, China is a breakthrough program that provides the necessary supports for parents of disabled children to prevent abandonment by providing support groups and classes, physical therapy, home visits and day programs.

Child Sponsorship with ICC

Sponsorship lets you personally help an abandoned child lead a full life. Our children need a lot of care. They have a range of conditions and are all different ages. Physical and mental disabilities mean daily therapy, frequent hospital visits and regular medication. Your monthly support helps give these children the essential care they need.
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