Training China’s Caregivers

Raising the standard of care in China

At ICC we care for children, but we also invest in China’s social workers—raising the standard of care both in our own facilities as well as in government welfare centres.
We train and employ over 200 nannies and specialist staff at our own centres, and we support government facilities through the training of workers in the areas of therapy and special education. 

We pay all our local staff according to their skill level, so there is huge motivation to increase their skills and competency.  Our specialist international volunteers offer individual mentoring, bringing exposure to western curriculum and methods. 

Some workers learn to simply provide essential standard care—helping children eat, dress, or bathe. Others are trained in special education, nursing or occupational therapy that will help children do these tasks themselves, raising the standard of living for so many children.
Some of our staff have worked with us for more than ten years. They’ve been trained in the latest therapies and treatments, and now teach others. For those who show remarkable potential, we will occasionally fund further education. They return and revolutionize local practices in the best possible way, building a sustainable model for the future of our projects.
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