Meet Your Sponsor Child

Travel to China to see how love, hope and opportunity has changed the life of your sponsor child, as well as the many others in our care.

Go to China with ICC Sponsor Team

As a child sponsor with ICC, you know the impact your support has had from the updates you receive throughout the year. 

Now, you can see that impact in person. Be part of an ICC Sponsor Team along with other dedicated child sponsors from around the world.

  • Visit and work in ICC project locations 
  • Meet your sponsor child 
  • Witness first hand how your support is making a difference 
  • Give love and care to children in need

See the difference your sponsorship makes

ICC organises Sponsor Teams to allow child sponsors like you the chance to meet and visit your sponsor child. You will also be able to volunteer in ICC facilities in the city where your sponsor child lives.

Since 1993, ICC has taken teams of people from all over the world into China to work in orphanages, caring for those children and young adults that society has left behind. Teams build on the work of prior teams and of ICC’s permanent staff and long-term volunteers. The work of each China Team makes lasting and solid changes in the lives of those that ICC provides full-time care for. 

When you arrive in China, groups are met by an ICC host, who leads them through orientation and directs their stay. We arrange all food, accommodations and travel in China.

Sponsor Team Dates

There are no Sponsor Teams planned at this timeTBD


Registration Fees*

Please note: this fee is non-refundable.
AUD $100CAD $100EUR €60GBP £60HKD $500SGD $130USD $100

Team Fees*

This fee does not include your flight to and from your home to the team meeting point.
AUD $1,450CAD $1,450EUR €1,150GBP £870HKD $10,000SGD $1,750USD $1,400
(*Fees as of September 2015 and are subject to change based on exchange rate movements.)

What is a Sponsor Team? And who can go?

Sponsor Teams are just like ICC’s China Teams – short-term service teams working with and serving children in China who have been abandoned because they have disabilities. You help to show them love and care, making a enormous impact in their lives. 

To be part of a Sponsor Team, you must be a registered child sponsor with ICC. Applicants should be over 18, but we’ll consider applicants aged 12–17 if accompanied by a responsible adult.

What is the impact? 

Your sponsor child doesn’t have a family as many of us do. In our experience, the children make great gains physically and socially because of visits from teams. Your visit shows the children that there are people who do care for them, that love them and want them to have full lives.

For sponsors, visiting your sponsor child can be a life-changing experience.

How do the teams work? What will I do?

Sponsor Teams are just like standard China Teams, but visit more than just one ICC project location. The team is structured to allow you some time to spend with your sponsor child, as well as work with many other children who might not have any foreign visitors. You will serve alongside people from around the world, helping with a variety of activities. This may involve playing games, assisting with handicrafts or just simply providing one-on-one care and comfort to a child.

If you have specialist skills in areas such as medical care, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, art therapy, or related fields, you may have the opportunity to carry out more specialised activities. 

Where will the team meet in China?

Teams will be met by the team leader in Hong Kong for a time of orientation prior to entering China and starting work. 

Where will I be staying?

Accommodation is in western-style hotels, which are clean and comfortable. All rooms have full ensuite bathrooms with showers.

What kind of food can I expect?

Almost all your meals will be prepared from local, fresh ingredients. Chinese food is eaten family-style from platters shared at a table. Meals usually consist of a variety of vegetable dishes, meat dishes and rice. Depending on the location, the food can be spicy. ICC can arrange meals for specific dietary requirements.
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