Sponsor a Child in China

Be a part of helping save a life

Sponsorship lets you personally help an abandoned child lead a full life. 

Our children need a lot of care. They have a range of conditions and are all different ages. Physical and mental disabilities mean daily therapy, frequent hospital visits and regular medication.

Your monthly support gives these children the essential care they wouldn’t otherwise get, along with a home, food, warm clothes, and education. These costs are more than a single sponsor parent can normally provide, so each of our children has up to 10 sponsors. They partner with like-minded sponsors around the world to give our children high quality care and a future. 

What sponsorship means for our children 

As a sponsor, you do so much more than just meet basic needs. You give our children the chance to feel like part of a family. They receive special care they would never receive in a government welfare centre, and learn skills that empower them to live a meaningful life. Sponsor a child today. 

What sponsorship means for you 

You are not only changing a child’s life—but your own as well! Our sponsors say that partnering with ICC gives them a huge sense of purpose and fulfillment. It helps them understand Chinese culture, and gives them a personal connection to that fascinating country.

Have more questions about sponsorship? 

We have the answers on our Sponsorship FAQ page.

What's the cost of being an ICC Child Sponsor?

Australia (AUD)$40$480
Canada (CAD)$40$480
Europe (EUR)€30€360
Hong Kong (HKD)$310$3,720
Singapore (SGD)$46$552
United Kingdom (GBP)£25£300
United States (USD)$36$432
Sponsor a child with ICC

Keep in touch with your sponsor child 

As a sponsor, you’ll get three detailed updates each year. Our staff put a lot of care into these updates so that you maintain a personal connection to your child. 

Our children love to receive letters from you, so we make it easy by providing pre-addressed labels to all sponsors. You can send them letters, cards, stickers and other flat items. Your sponsor child will love to hear from you.

Need more pre-addressed labels? Contact us and we will be happy to send more to you.

Visit your sponsor child in China

Many of our sponsors have a chance to meet their sponsored child on visits to China. This is an amazing way to deepen your connection and have a tangible impact on your child’s community.

You can join one of our China Teams or you can be part of specially organised Sponsor Teams. The choice is yours. 

Send a special birthday message to your sponsor child

You can send a special birthday message to your sponsor child right here! 

We don’t encourage you to send gifts as we like all our children to receive equal treatment. For special occasions, you can instead make a small donation to our Gift Fund, which ensures every child receives a birthday party and a small gift at Christmas and Chinese New Year.

When you sign up to sponsor, you can choose to make an additional contribution to the Gift Fund as part of your monthly sponsorship.
Sponsor a child with ICC
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