ICC Newsletters

Here is a collection of all our international newsletters from the past several years. Each issue contains incredible, inspirational stories about how some of China's abandoned and disabled are able to live full lives because of the work of ICC. The newsletters may be downloaded as PDFs, or you can read them online.

Issue 2 2017

  • Because of you, Wei Wei is mobile!
  • Dong Lai is becoming more independent!
  • A Family Together: Xiao Yue's Story
  • Walk the Wall 2017 is raising funds and awareness!

Issue 1 2017

  • Because of you, Zhou Chao is growing into a capable, helpful young man!
  • Volunteering in Action
  • Family Life, Family Love: Ping's Story
  • 2017 Marks the 10th Anniversary of Walk the Wall!

Issue 2 2016

  • Yang Zheng's Tenacity and Your Support
  • Solidarity Sisters
  • To the Beat of a Djembe Drum
  • Who do we Walk the Wall for?

Issue 1 2016

  • Your Sponsorship in Action: Tan Xun's Achievements
  • Love Has No Barriers
  • Community Life Brings Community Love
  • Opportunities to Give

Issue 2 2015

  • Celebrating New Homes and Families
  • Bringing a Journey to a Close
  • A Legacy of Play
  • A Legacy of Giving
  • Let Your Life Be a Living Message

Issue 1 2015

  • Xin Xin's Dream: The Transforming Power of Love
  • Welcome to the Lotus Family
  • One Life at a Time: ICC Volunteer Tim Tunks
  • Li Shi and Zhou Li's Hengyang Adventure

Download this issue (PDF, 4 MB)

Issue 2 2014

  • Thank You for Standing with Us
  • Hengyang: Disaster & Recovery
  • Major Milestones
  • Anemaat Family: A Job Well Done

Download this issue (PDF, 8.9 MB)

Issue 1 2014

  • New Homes for Life
  • The Need is Still There
  • 15 Day Sponsorship Experience
  • COCOA Merger

Download this issue (PDF, 4.3 MB)

Issue 2 2013

  • Looking forward after 20 years 
  • Interview with David Gotts Part 2
  • Scaling the Mountain of Regard
  • The Need is Great

Download this issue (PDF, 5.8 MB)

Issue 1 2013

  • Looking back on 20 years
  • Interview with David Gotts Part 1
  • Honoring the Past - Milestones of the past 20 yrs
  • The Opportunity in Every Situation

Download this issue (PDF, 4.6 MB)

Issue 2 2012

  • New Group Homes in Hengyang
  • A Tribute to Rich Hubbard
  • A New Look for ICC

Download this issue (PDF, 5.2 MB)

Issue 1 2012

  • Abandoned to Abundant: Li Shi's Journey
  • China Teams
  • Walk the Wall 2011 Results

Download this issue (PDF, 1.6 MB)

Issue 1 2011

  • Expansion of Work: ICC in Sanmenxia
  • A Fund that Saves Lives: ICC Medical Fund
  • ICC Ambassadors: The Steels

Download this issue (PDF, 914 KB)

Issue 1 2010

  • Hand in Hand: Making a Difference
  • A Sponsor Parent's Perspective
  • Community Outreach Project

Download this issue (PDF, 540 KB)

Issue Q4 2009

  • Exceptional Education
  • A Father's Heart
  • Growing Needs

Download this issue (PDF, 636 KB)
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