We Prevent Abandonment

Changing attitudes in China

We’re transforming communities by working to prevent abandonment. 

We work with families who are very poor and don’t have the money or time to care for their special needs children. 

Often, parents need to quit their jobs to give full-time care putting financial pressure on their families. For others, the shame of a disabled child is just too hard to bear. This leads families to choose the unthinkable option of abandoning their disabled child.

Community Outreach Project

Our Community Outreach Projects (COP) give parents of disabled children the tools and education they need to keep their families together. Through respite services, financial aid, counseling, and therapy, these community centres give parents a real alternative to abandonment. By giving parents another option, we are saving their children from the potential death sentence of a government welfare centre. 

On top of financial pressures, many of these parents face stigma from communities—often rooted in shame or the belief that parents of a disabled child must have done something wrong during pregnancy. We help educate communities, and unite parents with others who are dealing with similar issues. They find huge solace in feeling understood, and they go on to support one another. 

Their children receive physical and occupation therapy. For the first time their child might learn to open doors or feed themselves with chopsticks—something so simple but has a drastic impact on the daily life of a parent.

ICC has two COP locations in Changsha. The model is sustainable and can be replicated. We plan to bring it to our other locations in the years ahead.
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