Pearl Room Sponsorship

The Pearl Room is home to around 30 babies and toddlers up to 3 years old. The children in the Pearl Room have been abandoned for a myriad of reasons, including disabilities, medical needs and because of gender. What each child has in common is the desperate need for greater nutrition and often specialised medical intervention to survive. They require the same level of care as the other children who are in our child sponsorship programme.

For those children with small or even no disabilities, the prospect of adoption is very real, and the stay of those children in the care of International China Concern can be short. With the rate of adoption in the Pearl Room this means that many of these children are not in our care long enough to enter into our sponsorship programme.
This is why we have created the option to sponsor the Pearl Room, where your donation will help every one of these children regardless of their length of stay. Instead of sponsoring a single child, your sponsorship joins with others to meet the need of each child in each little cot and this will be reflected in the updates that you will receive. 

The Pearl Room Sponsorship operates the same way as a regular child sponsorship. The monthly support amounts are identical and you still receive three updates each year.

By sponsoring the Pearl Room, you are helping us to stabilise every child, assess medical needs and give each one love and care in a safe environment. Your support allows us to give all the infants and toddlers, that are living in the Pearl Room, the best possible start in life with their new families. By being a Pearl Room Sponsor, you are touching the lives of many children.