Issue 2 - 2017


Lying on his back, Wei Wei listens to children playing outside, but pain in his hip inflicted by his skeletal malformations keeps him from comfortably taking in the fun. 

Finding a way to seat Wei Wei that works with the way his body can bend and in a way that doesn’t trigger pain has been a real challenge. But because of your generosity we were able to gather together a team of his carers, therapists and staff to find a solution to Wei Wei’s seating needs.


Blindness keeps Dong Lai from seeing his surroundings but it doesn’t keep him from seeing a future for himself. And because of your generosity, he has opportunities to gain life skills that could give him a profession and help him grow toward independence!


Xiao Yue is 14 and has cerebral palsy. She can’t walk. She can speak very little. She needs help with most of her daily life. When she was born her mother made a choice to keep her, despite all the odds stacked up against her.


Thank you for sharing the needs of abandoned and disabled children in China with your community by Walking the Wall this year!

When we gather to walk, raise funds and awareness for precious children in need we’re able to give them the best chance at a full life.

Issue 1 - 2017


Your generosity provides the stepping stones the children and young people in our care need to grow and experience the fullness of life!  

Like 25 year-old Zhou Chao who came to us from the Changsha Welfare Centre when he was seven years-old. Because of your compassion and generosity, you have made it possible for Zhou Chao to grow, learn and get the therapy he needed to gain greater independence. 


When you go on a short term China Team visit, you not only impact the precious lives you encounter but they find their way into your heart and take residence there. 

When Helen Gates first encountered ICC and the children on a China Team trip, she was extremely nervous and very unsure what, if anything she could contribute. But a little boy named Yuan captured her heart and she’d remember him for years to come.


Because of you, Ping was able to blossom in a family-style environment 

Imagine a young girl, scared and withdrawn from years of unknowable trauma, abandoned to the Chinese welfare centre. Her name is Ping and her eyes are sallow and her hair so thin. Silent, her voice is locked inside. And without love and care and treatment she will wither and not be long for this world.


You accomplished so much for abandoned and disabled children in China in 2016. Thank you! We’re inviting you to do it again and see how much more we can accomplish together in 2017!

Walk the Wall is an opportunity for you, your friends, your colleagues and your church to walk together to raise funds that will transform lives. 

Issue 2 - 2016


Because of you, Yang Zheng has the care she needs to teach us what a courageous and resilient young girl can accomplish!

Yang Zheng lost her family when she was very young. In a government welfare centre, she shared a bed with several other children, competed for attention, food and scarce resources. Every day she fought to be understood, to have her needs met, and to live. 

She was alone amidst the crowd of other children and her life was void of the parental care that she so needed.


When you sponsor a child in ICC’s care, it’s like grafting a new member into your own family, extending love and compassion as you would to your own child.

When their daughter, Maymi, was born in 2013 Laura and Phil Askew knew that they wanted her, and any children they had later, to sponsor a child as they grew up.


Introducing Long Term Volunteer Ellen Morales.

Long term volunteer, Ellen Morales who lives in Changsha, tells us she has no music ability, and never had much interest in learning how to play an instrument. That is, until she kept bumping into opportunities for the children to learn and play music.


Because of you, Walk The Wall is raising funds and awareness for abandoned and disabled children in China!

Walk the Wall events are taking place around the world! But why are we walking? And for whom?

Issue 1 - 2016


Tan Xun shows us that small achievements mean great things! 

Because of you Tan Xun has carers who love him and teachers who can help him work with his physical limitations so he can grow and develop his dexterity and be the helpful young man he so desires to be!


When you visit our care homes in China you see your love reflecting back in the faces of each child. 

Xia He is a sweet, very shy little girl with cerebral palsy. When she meets China Team volunteer Kristie Cothren for the first time, they share a very special moment.


Because of your generosity, older children living in community group homes can take steps toward greater independence! 

We don’t always know how people will respond when we take children with disabilities as visible as ours into the community. But on this day we were overwhelmed by the response.

Opportunities to Give

Walk The Wall Events Around the World raise funds and awareness for abandoned and disabled children in China! 

Here is one story from a mom inspired to organize a walk in her community.

Issue 2 - 2015

Hengyang Children's Care Centre

Celebrating New Homes and Families

In early May 2015, people from China and all over the world gathered together to celebrate the official opening of the Hengyang Children's Centre, a new facility that enables ICC to provide family-style care to more than 140 children and young people.

Read about this special day and find out how lives are being changed.

Bringing a Journey to a Close

People from around the world contributed in so many ways to the concept, design, building, finishing and funding of the Hengyang Children’s Care Centre. The opening ceremony helps to bring this chapter in ICC’s story to a close.

Colleen cutting ribbon on Yang Yang's Playground in Hengyang

A Legacy of Play

Another ceremony took place the same day in Hengyang as the opening of the Children's Care Centre. A young girl cut the ribbon on Yang Yang's Playground, and accessible playground that gives the gift of play to those with disabilities.

Cliff Dawson visiting ICC in 2010

A Legacy of Giving

One couple from Melbourne have found a unique way to make child sponsorship a family affair.

Let Your Life Be a Living Message

Jannene Wall, ICC’s Chief Operating Officer, reflects on the recent festivities in Hengyang and what she believes is the true difference in the lives of the children over the past 10 years.

Issue 1 - 2015

Madeline Fok and Xin Xin.

Xin Xin's Dream: The Transforming Power of Love

Madeline Fok is teaching 13-year-old Xin Xin—who does not speak—how to express himself by using the computer to communicate what is in his heart. 

Read how one volunteer's love and belief in Xin Xin is transforming his life from frustration and anger to dreams fulfilled:

Welcome to the Lotus Family 

Laptop open, Yang Yong Sheng plunks down beside a young woman with a withdrawn face, trying to engage her in the video game she is playing. 

Learn how children in Hengyang are becoming givers of love by helping new children in our care who come out of challenging circumstances:

One Life at a Time: ICC Volunteer Tim Tunks 

A row of children in little car seats lined the room, Tim Tunks remembers. 

“I went over, said, ‘Ni hao’ and started waving the flies off their faces,” Tim recalls. “But I got nothing—they didn’t move or even acknowledge me.” 

Tim Tunks' trips to China with Mueller College made him want to change lives with ICC:

Li Shi and Zhou Li's Hengyang Adventure

They can laugh about it now. And they do—often and heartily. It must have been quite the adventure, these two young men from International China Concern’s Changsha Project independently making the hour-long train journey to Hengyang. 

Read how two of the young adults in Canaan Homes traveled as volunteers —themselves—to Hengyang:

Issue 2 - 2014

Hengyang: Disaster & Recovery

During a torrential June rain, a section of a hill in the Chinese city of Hengyang broke away and rushed downward. 

When the landslide was over, buildings were damaged and underground streams had destabilised the ground. 

Unfortunately, these buildings contained the homes of 80 young boys and girls living in ICC’s Hengyang Project.

Access to a Garden Means Fullness of Life

When is an elevator more than just an elevator? 

When it is an instrument of God's love by providing access to the outside world for the new Hengyang building. 

Read how the new centre improves opportunities for full lives in Hengyang.

Major Milestones

Our first steps, our first words,
the first day of school, our first love: journeys are made up of milestones. 

They are the events and places that Allow us to chart the route we travel — both in life and geographically.

For ICC, milestones are most often events.

Anemaat Family: A Job Well Done

After 14 years of service in Changsha, International China Concern volunteers Justin and Lisa Anemaat returned to Brisbane, Australia in July of this year. 

Lisa recalls how she immediately fell in love with the work and the children when she first went to Changsha in March 1999 as part of a China Team. 

Sponsor Profile: Ratana Home & Floral

Ratana Home and Floral, a Vancouver, Canada-based company that manufactures and sells premium indoor and outdoor furniture throughout North America, has supported ICC since 2013. Ratana feels it is important to be involved in charitable and volunteer work, contributing and giving back to communities — especially those where they operate.

Issue 1 - 2014

Pearl Room Sponsorship

Our Sponsorship Department will soon be launching a new type of sponsorship specifically for Sanmenxia, where the number of young children and infants being adopted is somewhat higher than in our other project locations. This sponsorship will allow you to sponsor the entire room of children rather than just an individual child. It operates the same way as a regular child sponsorship, the monthly support amounts are identical and you still receive three updates each year. Only the updates will contain information about all the children in the room rather than focusing on a specific child.

New Homes for Life

There's an exciting new development at our Hengyang Project. A brand-new five-storey building is being constructed where we can move all the children. Twenty flats, or apartments, housing six to eight children each.

Long Term Volunteers are Still Needed

We're putting a special call out to China Team Alumni, looking for people who want to build on the relationships they've already made with the children and staff. The need is still there. Will you go?

Hand in Hand Card Game

Two ICC staff members asked themselves how they could use their skills and passion to promote child sponsorship. The answer, this card game that was successfully "crowdfunded" without using any funds from donations.

Issue 2 - 2013

David Gotts, Founder & Executive Director

Interview with David Gotts
Part 2

This is the conclusion of the two-part interview with David Gotts, Founder and Executive Director of International China Concern. In this interview, David explores the vision and deeds of ICC as we continue to dream the future.

Scaling the Mountain of Regard

US Board Chair Michele Harris reflects on her experience with ICC in the past three years. As a physical therapist, Michele has special insight in the levels of regard that we can achieve.

20th Anniversary Celebrations

We have lots to celebrate as we look back on our 20 year history. This May, a group of more than 30 people from around the world gathered in Changsha to be a part of the celebrations.

Long Term Volunteering

We interviewed Kyla Alexander, our head of China Operations based in Hengyang, about her experience as a long term volunteer. Kyla has over a decade of experience working with International China Concern.

Issue 1 - 2013

david gotts

Interview with David Gotts Part 1

This is the first of a two-part interview with David Gotts, Founder and Executive Director of International China Concern. In this interview, Dave shares his reflections on the 20 year history of ICC. In the second part, Dave will share his vision for the future of the organization and where we will find our next major milestones.

The Opportunity in Every Situation

When ICC's Oasis House and Hope House were forced to close, we were forced to look for a new home. We turned to Community Group Homes as a new model of providing care. 

20 group homes, $20k each, celebrating 20 years

Our two-year campaign to raise $400,000 will result in the creation of 20 new group homes in Hengyang to change our children's lives. Learn more about how this campaign will build a legacy of love and care.


A Timeline of Significant Milestones

An exclusive look at the milestones of the past 20 years as International China Concern has brought love, hope and opportunity to the abandoned and disabled in China.

Issue 2 - 2012

Homes for Life

On 5 May 2012, International China Concern officially opened two new group homes in the city of Hengyang. Read the story of what these homes mean for the lives of 18 special children.

Rich Hubbard was a long-time associate of ICC and former board member. He passed away in 2010. . On 5 May 2012 at the group homes opening, Rich’s wife, Lynda, and his two children, Sam and Amy, unveiled a plaque naming the homes as the Rich Hubbard Group Homes.  They are joined by Wang Zhi Hong and Yeng Zheng.

A Tribute to Rich Hubbard

The Rich Hubbard Group Homes are named in honour of Rich Hubbard, a long time associate of ICC who passed away in 2010 after a battle with cancer.

Significant Milestone

In 2013, ICC celebrates its 20th anniversary and you're invited to be part of the celebration and send us your memories.

John Cooper, ICC's China Teams Manager working in Sanmenxia

China Team Dates 2013

Find out when we are putting on teams in 2013 -- our 20th anniversary year! Go to China and join the celebration by serving some special children in China.

A New Look for ICC

You may have noticed some real changes in this website and our promotional materials. Find out more about this change.

Issue 1 - 2012

Li Shi

From Abandoned to Abundant

Read the incredible story of a young man named Li Shi, one of the first boys to come into ICC’s care, about his journey as an abandoned child to a life that inspires many.

John Cooper, ICC's China Teams Manager working in Sanmenxia

China Teams

Learn more about ICC's China Teams and how your participation makes a real difference in the lives of so many abandoned and disabled children. 

David Gotts at Walk the Wall Vancouver 2011

Walk the Wall

Walk the Wall 2011 was a huge success with record numbers of participants and a record amount donated! Find out more about the event and how you can get involved in 2012.

Schools in Canada Walked the Wall

A Vancouver-area Christian school decided to make Walk the Wall a significant part of their fundraising efforts for charity. Read more about their efforts and how much they raised.

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