Your Support in Action

Because of you Yang Zheng has the care she needs to teach us what a courageous and resilient young girl can accomplish!

Your support is so much more than a financial transaction. Because of you the children and young people in ICC’s care get medical attention, therapy, education and nourishment in a family-style home. Best of all, they receive the love they deserve. And all of this translates into opportunity after opportunity for each child to reach their full potential. Your gift then becomes a transaction of the heart. 

You are a blessing to these sweet children and young people who have so much life and love to give back to the world. 

Children like Yang Zheng who, at just a few years of age, lost her family. She was left without adequate care in a government welfare centre, sharing a bed with several other children, competing for attention, food and scarce resources. Every day she fought to be understood, to have her needs met, and to live. There was no education arranged for her despite her sharp mind and keen learning ability. She was alone amidst the crowd of other children and her life was void of the parental care that she so needed. 

She was born with cerebral palsy which affects her motor abilities. Because of difficulty with muscle control she walks with an unusual gait and she finds holding a pencil and chopsticks difficult. It also affects her speech. Words are hard for her to express, and she struggles to be understood. 

We first met Yang Zheng when she was five years old—tiny, cute, independent, and spirited. When we started our project in Hengyang, our initial focus was to provide more caregivers for the children to ensure their most basic needs were met. This focus allowed Yang Zheng to have more attention and care every day. Secondly, we set up family group homes for the girls, and Yang Zheng moved into a group home on the welfare centre premises with dedicated caregivers and her own bed and belongings. 

We then started education classes, Yang Zheng was able to start receiving an education. She thrived under this love and care, and she showed us her beautiful, resilient spirit, and her love for others. 

But in 2009 Yang Zheng received another blow. Stomach pains led to a test and a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Because of the generous support of donors, ICC was able to get her the surgery she needed, and then later a course of chemotherapy for six months. 

This amazing little girl fought it, and she won, and recent tests show she is still in remission. She showed us her amazing courage and resilience! 
This wouldn’t be the last time her resilience was tested. When Yang Zheng relocated to one of our group homes she had the opportunity to attend public school. 

 At the age of 13 she started grade one with children half her age. At school she faced bullying because of her disability, and she also faced the challenges of learning and studying though her pencil grip and her speech were not fully developed. In the local schooling system there is no support for those with disabilities, and she battled this with bravery and tenacity with help from ICC’s caregivers and teachers. 

Yang Zheng is now 17 years old. She is studying grade 5 now. She is learning to use a computer, including Skype, email and other programs, such as learning how to connect with others on social media. 

Yang Zheng has so much courage. She inspires us with her beauty, courage and resilience. She gives us courage to keep giving, and fighting and leaning in for better care for her and all of the children we serve. And because of your generosity, together we can strive for and serve these precious lives.