Your Sponsorship in Action

Because of you Tan Xun has carers who love him and teachers who can help him work with his physical limitations so he can grow and develop his dexterity and be the helpful young man he so desires to be!

Child sponsorship is the cornerstone of building a healthy, thriving environment for the children in ICC's care. Without your support we couldn’t provide the level of care and attention these children need. It’s your committed, steady generosity that ensures the children and young people get medical attention, therapy, education and nourishment in a family-style living situation. Best of all, they receive the love they deserve. Thank you! 

You are a blessing to these sweet children who have so much life and love to give back to the world. 

Children like Tan Xun who was born with a cleft palate, clubfeet and a learning disability. He came into ICC’s care when he was just three weeks old. From the time he was four until he was 12 he lived with a foster family who would bring him to ICC’s facilities for therapy and education. But there came a time when his foster family could no longer care for him. So Tan Xun came back into ICC’s care.
Despite losing his foster family, Tan Xun, now 16, is a happy young man who likes to help others, particularly adults. He especially loves to be the classroom helper. When the teachers assign the children to their classrooms in the morning, Tan Xun is right there, eager to help them make the announcements and though his pronunciation isn’t always clear, he always remembers correctly who is to go where. 

He is also an expert in household chores. In this past year he has learned how to sweep the floor, fold the clothes and wash the dishes. Despite his physical limitations, Xun is always eager to finish his jobs. His teachers work hard to design creative ways to teach him. After two months of learning with some adult supervision, he is now able to fold and stack the clothes on his own. He is now moving on to socks, learning from his carers (also called Nannies) how to first identify and sort the pairs. Xun has proven himself to be a fast learner! 

One of Xun’s greatest joys is attending his special education class and interacting with his teachers. He has a lovely relationship with them as they have mentored him and helped him improve his ability to perform daily activities. After a cooking class, Xun was asked to wash his bowl. But he didn’t want to stop there — he wanted to wash everybody’s bowl! The teachers showed him manageable steps and stood with him to help him along and now Xun is often able to wash the breakfast dishes by himself!
Xun grows more and more toward independence, experiencing the joy of contributing to life around him and building self-worth and dignity along the way. He has taught us all that small achievements mean great things! Xun is one of many children who are living the fullness of life because of your love and financial support!