A Family Together: Xiao Yue's Story

Because of you Xiao Yue’s family is getting the support they need to help her navigate her disability and most importantly, stay together.

Xiao Yue is 14 and has cerebral palsy. She can’t walk. She can speak very little. She needs help with most of her daily life. 

When she was born her mother made a choice to keep her, despite all the odds stacked up against her. In China there is very little government support for families who have children with disabilities. And it is very costly. Most families cannot afford the therapy and special needs their child requires to survive. And that is often the reason why they abandon their child in the first place. 

In 2008 ICC began a program that supports families who are at risk of abandoning their disabled children. And that’s when Xiao Yue and her mother came to us. They went through two years of therapy and training. 

But after those two years, her mother needed better work and could only find it out of town. She had to send Xiao Yue to her grandparents in the countryside. They are still her main caregivers today but they do not have the skills or knowledge to provide therapy in her mom’s absence. 

Because of this Xiao Yue’s muscles are getting too tight so her mom reached out to us and asked us to help her again. We arranged for our therapist in Changsha to assess Xiao Yue and give simple training to her mother to pass on to Xiao Yue’s grandparents. And we have scheduled a home visit.
Our plan is to provide more support to this family in the countryside and working with Xiao Yue’s mom to find work in Changsha or closer to Xiao Yue so she can continue to give her therapy. 

We could not provide this free service to struggling parents like Xiao Yue’s mom if it weren’t for compassionate hearts like yours. The need is great and we can respond thanks to your support. 

There are more parents and grandparents like Xiao Yue’s mom making the choice to care for their children with disabilities and that is how abandonment will diminish in China! The more help they have available to them, the less likely they will abandon their children in the first place. 

Thank you for making it possible for Xiao Yue and many children like her to remain with their families!