A short history...

Walk the Wall began eight years ago with a vision: if 600 people around the world would walk 10 kilometres each, they would have collectively walked the length of the Great Wall of China, symbolising overcoming a great obstacle. 

Today, Walk the Wall events have grown to include cycling events, runs and wheelchair and family-friendly events of various lengths. Events take place all around the world from August through November, with some schools participating as early as March each year. 
In some cities, a handful of participants walk in their own neighbourhood. Other events attract hundreds of people, filling local parks and trails. In China, thousands of people have gathered over the years in Changsha, Hengyang and Sanmenxia to walk together, locally supporting the children and young adults in ICC’s care. 

The funds raised each year by Walk the Wall events constitute a significant percentage of what ICC needs to operate each year. But more than that, Walk the Wall is a statement to abandoned and disabled children in China that they are loved by people around the world. 

In recent years, schools have joined in to show their support. The event is a fantastic opportunity to educate students about international perspectives, social justice and the disabilities that many people face on a daily basis. By participating in Walk the Wall, students can make a real a difference in the world and experience ownership in a charitable cause. 

In response to the interest from schools, we have prepared several quick and ready lesson plans that teachers can use during classes or chapel meetings. We also provide promotional materials. Some schools have taken on child sponsorships so that they receive periodic updates on specific children. 

We invite you to join us by registering at WALKTHEWALL.ORG 

If you know a school that is interested in starting a Walk the Wall event, please have them contact walkthewall@chinaconcern.org for more details.