Because of you, Walk The Wall 2017 is raising funds and awareness for abandoned and disabled children in China!

Thank you for sharing the needs of abandoned and disabled children in China with your community by Walking the Wall this year!

The morning of a Walk the Wall event is brimming with energy. Crowds of participants gather and the hum of their excitement spills over passers-by. A Walk almost always attracts good attention. There’s often someone not in-the-know who wants to be in-the-know. And to tell them why we have gathered in such numbers is a privilege. 

We are gathered because there are children in China who need us. They have a disability that their parents were not able to manage so they had to give them up. And these children lie in welfare centres fighting for their survival. And many do not survive. But that’s where we come in. 

When we Walk the Wall we get to save these lives from neglect, poor care and (sometimes) dying alone and unloved. When we gather to walk, raise funds and awareness for these precious children we’re able to give them the best chance at a full life.
Children like Xing Wang (pictured above) who was admitted to the Sanmenxia Centre in 2014. At that time he was very weak. But because of those who participated in Walk the Wall over the last few years his health is improving greatly! Because you raised funds and awareness and walked, Xing Wang is able to receive loving care from his caregivers and therapists, medical attention as he needs it and nourishment so he can grow stronger every day. 

Now his hands can move well and he will hold other people’s hands and grab and play with toys, which he likes to share with other kids. Xing Wang is also a good helper for the caregivers, passing objects to them. He sits, crawls and walks very well now. He can even feed himself without any help. Sometimes he will try to help the caregivers feed the other children when he has finished eating! 

Xing Wang can speak some simple words clearly, and he is learning new ones. He is very keen to begin kindergarten at a regular community school and what is exciting about that is that he is starting at the same age as his able bodied peers. This will allow him to integrate better with children in the community, which in turn helps Xing Wang develop social skills. 

Xing Wang is making improvements all the time and that just could not have happened without you. 

He is a dear boy and we love him. Thank you for participating in Walk the Wall. 

And if you haven’t yet registered this year there is still time for organised events in these locations: 


Walk the Wall Brisbane - 9th September 
Walk the Wall Sydney - 9th September 
Walk the Wall Kalamunda - 16th September 
Walk the Wall Craigie - 14th October 
Walk the Wall Melbourne - 14th October 


Walk the Wall Toronto - 16th September 
Walk the Wall Vancouver - 23rd September 
Walk the Wall Ottawa - 23rd September 
Walk the Wall Winnipeg - 30th September 

Hong Kong: 

Walk the Wall Hong Kong - 2nd December 

United Kingdom: 

Walk the Wall Portsmouth - 16th September 
Walk the Wall London - 30th September 
Walk the Wall Sheffield - 30th September 
Walk the Wall Wiltshire - 1st October 

United States: 

Walk the Wall Indianapolis - 9th September 
Walk the Wall Bellingham - 1st October 

If you’ve missed an organised event you can always participate on your own or with your friends or church in a virtual walk! Visit to register today!