Walk the Wall 2016 is here!

Join the movement to Give Life & End Abandonement

Walk the Wall is back for 2016 and we want you to join us!

Starting today, our new website is up and running at www.walkthewall.org and you can find a Walk the Wall event near you to sign up for.

More events will be added over the coming weeks as venues and details are confirmed, so look for those soon!  We'll be sure to update our Facebook page, as well, with the details.

Walk the Wall is a global movement that comes together throughout the year to raise money to care for the many abandoned and disabled children in China, and provide families with disabled children the support they need so that abandonment isn’t their only option. 

The walks can be up to10 km long and you can sign up, get sponsors/donors to support you, and then walk. You and every other walker are raising much needed funds to care for abandoned and disabled children in China.

Since 2007, supporters around the world have walked thousands of kilometres, figuratively covering the Great Wall of China’s 8,850 km many times over. When you ask family and friends to sponsor your walk with ICC in your city, each dollar you raise will help abandoned children in China overcome the many challenges they face. 

All of the money raised through Walk the Wall is used to provide: 
  • life-changing services for children within our direct care 
  • support funding for our Chinese nannies that provide love and nurture
  • our therapy programmes that see children develop towards their personal goals 
  • provision of education or vocational training, empowering them for their futures.

Get Involved 

There are walks happening around the world, with some countries holding multiple walks across different locations. Find an event and register. You can participate as a an individual (solo), join an existing team or start your own team and invite others to join you!

Go to www.walkthewall.org