USA Charity TFish Fund Partners with ICC

TFish gives grant to purchase technology to help provide education to children and youth in China

American Friends of ICC (ICC’s US-based organization) has joined with California-based charity TFish Fund ( to buy computers and touchscreen tablets for use in all of ICC’s projects in China. 

TFish Fund (or Transparent Fish Fund) has given a grant of US $7,200 to AFICC for the purchase of nine iPads and six computers. These will be used by specially-trained staff in each of ICC’s three project locations in China in special education programs. They will be employed in classroom settings, vocational training centers, and home environments to teach children and young people how to communicate and experience new levels of independence.
Delivery of iPads to ICC from TFish Fund
The iPads, in particular, are used as part of a multi-sensory approach to special education teaching. Children and youth with disabilities often need three things to succeed in their learning goals: 

  1. Learning activities are broken down into small, tightly focused steps. 
  2. The children and youth engage in a variety of activities to accomplish certain learning objectives while staying interested and motivated. 
  3. Fun and engaging resources are used to overcome relatively short attention spans. Apps on tablets can meet all these parameters because they engage with more than one sense, which stimulates the brain. 

The iPad also has built in text-to-speech (TTS) so any text that is typed, copied, or pasted from websites can be voiced immediately. Students enjoy writing simple words and sentences, with the device voicing their attempts in notepad and writing tools. 

And TTS can read any text on screen, so the students can be more confident in navigating and accessing more information from the internet. As voice and handwriting recognition is available in many apps, the more confident writers and speakers can experiment with these tools of interaction, bypassing traditional typing that can often be difficult, frustrating, or even impossible. 

Go to our Corporate Partners page to read more about TFish Fund. Our enormous thanks goes to TFish Fund for their support of the children and young people in all of our projects as they learn to live, learn and interact with the world around them.