The Steels Say Goodbye

Sending off our ambassadors

On 16 August, 2013, The Steels will be putting on their last concert ever. Since 2010, when the band went to China to look at ICC's projects and meet the staff and children, they've been great ambassadors for the cause. We're grateful for all they've done in raising awareness at their concerts and for letting us use one of their songs, "Sing if You're With Me" in promotional videos for Walk the Wall.

Their unmissable live sets have astounded music lovers at major festivals all over the world; performing on BBC's 'Songs of Praise' and the God Channel's 'GTV LIVE.' The audience have the time of their lives while hearing The Steels blend of guitar driven rock, which delivers the message of Jesus in a new and refreshing style. 

We wish each of the band members the very best as they go their separate ways. Adam, Matt, and Matt B, thank you so much for your dedication and your compassion. We appreciate everything you've done for us and hope you'll find great success in your future endeavors. 

"In September 2010 we were lucky enough to see first hand the incredible work ICC do and the love they pour into the lives of so many babies, children and young adults. Over the three years since that trip It has been an absolute privilege to share our experiences at our concerts and in schools and raise awareness for such an incredible and important cause. We pray that ICC will keep growing and that many more young people in China will experience life full of love, hope and opportunity." - Adam Carmichael