The Need is Great

Today in China there are children needing the hands and hearts of international volunteers, prepared to come and change their world.

by Jannene Wall, Deputy Executive Director

People often ask me which is the greater requirement: meeting the financial needs we need to continue providing the life-changing services we provide, or attracting the volunteers who are desperately needed to come and work alongside our Chinese staff. I believe the needs are like two sides of a coin, quite inseparable. 

ICC has open doors to reach children that still exist in desperate circumstances, to make even more lives whole through giving them love, providing the basics of food and care and showing them that they are valuable and that they were born for a reason and a purpose. 

Despite what has already been accomplished, we know there is still so much more to do in China. God continues to challenge our vision, asking us to look across the rest of the country and feel the ache for the many more children who are lost and abandoned. 

When I try to describe the need to others, I am reminded of one of our volunteers who served every day for nine months in a welfare centre among children who had been discarded and let down by their families, their communities and society in general. Her words were simple, yet powerful and unforgettable: “Tell them to come.”

Will you come? Will you be that much-needed physical therapist that will give of your skills? Will you be that nurse who can provide frontline care, identifying and treating medical needs? Will you leave your classrooms to provide special education in a small room with few resources to a child who has never had the opportunity to go to school? Will you leave your comforts for the call—His call—and join a community of others to make a difference? 

Will you place your fingers on the keyboard and type, “I will come?”

China's children are waiting for you! Find out about the roles that need to be filled at