Prayer Calendar 9-15 October 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week

WEDNESDAY, 9 October

Today, Dang You is seven years old. Give thanks that he has made good progress in therapy following his surgery in April. Please pray that he will continue to grow stronger emotionally and find encouragement in his abilities and not be discouraged when he can't do all the same things as his brothers. 

THURSDAY, 10 October

Please pray for new translators for the projects in Hengyang and Changsha. Pray that God will call people who are willing to stay in our employ for extended lengths of time. 

FRIDAY, 11 October

Pray for the welfare centre director in Sanmenxia that he would have a fresh vision for the partnership at the Sanmenxia Project. 

SATURDAY, 12 October

Please pray for God’s protection over the health of all of ICC’s staff around the world. A number of people have been having problems with health issues. 

SUNDAY, 13 October

Pray that more people will answer the call to serve long-term with the team in Sanmenxia. 

MONDAY, 14 October

Give thanks for Tan Pu who turns 17 today. Please pray that he will continue to find enjoyment in his classes and that his language skills will further develop. 

TUESDAY, 15 October

Please pray for the UK board. Pray that the new trustees will use their shared skills wisely and that God will provide the necessary wisdom and expertise from outside when needed. 

Answer to Prayer 

Praise God for the generosity of some long-term sponsors within China who donated two computers and RMB 70,000 (approx. USD $11,000) to the Hengyang Project.