Prayer Calendar 9-15 July 2014

Our prayer requests for the week


Yang Xia Yan turns one today. Please pray for improvement in her feeding, weight gain and general responsiveness. May she feel secure and loved. Give thanks for Yang Heng Liu celebrating his 17th birthday today. Pray that he would receive pleasure in helping on the farm and know the Father’s love for him. 

THURSDAY , 10 July

Yang Tie turns 19 years old today. He loves the craft classes. Change is difficult for him, so please pray for peace when he eventually moves into his new home. Yang Fang turns 25 today. Praise God that her family relationships are more peaceful. Pray that she would continue to find joy in dancing and crafts.  

FRIDAY, 11 July

Dang Shan Ying turned 24 yesterday. She enjoys being a part-time assistant therapist and recently received more training. Pray that she continues to develop passion in all aspects of life. Wang Ge is 28 years old today. Please pray that she is able to receive the help she needs to learn to sign so she can communicate better. 


Yang Heng Shu turns eight today. Please pray for him as he prepares to move to a more stable family grouping and builds relationship with friends and care staff. 

SUNDAY, 13 July

Give thanks for Liu Chu, who turns 26 today. Pray that her beloved music lessons will resume again soon. Wang Hua turns 24 today. Pray for her as she teaches special education classes and that she will stay healthy and not suffer more recurring ear infections. 

 MONDAY, 14 July 

Please pray for the Inkpen family who will be on leave in Canada over the summer. May they be refreshed and blessed in their time with friends and family. 

TUESDAY, 15 July 

Pray for the Community Outreach Program summer camps on 13-19 July. Pray for a good turnout, for safety and for a great time of blessing to the kids and their families.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise God for the eight new overseas volunteers to Sanmenxia this summer. Pray that they well settle into life in China and build relationships with the existing team members.