Prayer Calendar 9-15 April 2014

Our prayer requests for the week


Pray for the continued construction of the five-storey building in Hengyang as the finishing of each unit comes near. Please pray wisdom and guidance and that the details would be worked out for staffing and the organisation of the children into new family-style groupings. 

THURSDAY, 10 April 

We give thanks for Zhang Ya Ge, who turns 12 today. Praise God for her pleasant nature and her lively and interactive personality. Pray that she would continue to find joy in life. 

FRIDAY, 11 April

Please continue to pray for three boys with behavioural issues in Changsha. Pray that the right support can be made available to help them. Also pray for God’s healing in their lives. 

SATURDAY, 12 April

Celebrate Yang Jian Xiang, who will be 25 tomorrow. Give thanks for her good health. Pray that she would continue to experience God’s pleasure and love as she dances and creates crafts. 

SUNDAY, 13 April

Today, let’s pray for Yang Heng Bo as he turns seven. Praise God for his new life skills, as he has learned to use the trash bin. Pray that the right stable family group will be found for him as he prepares to move into a new building later this year. 

MONDAY, 14 April

Please pray for Dang Ying Ying, who is seven today. Give thanks that she enjoys the opportunity to learn, as she has started attending classes. Pray that her teachers would find creative ways to include her classroom activities despite her disability. 

TUESDAY, 15 April

Praise God for the Circle of Hope gala fundraising dinner that took place in Vancouver last month. Pray that hearts will continue to be moved and that new supporters for ICC will come forward.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise God for the 200 fruit tree and 300 chickens that were donated to the new farm in Hengyang.