Prayer Calendar: 8-14 November 2015

Our prayer needs this week

SUNDAY 8th November

Please pray for Yang Fu Sui. He celebrates his ninth birthday today. Give praise that he really enjoys learning and going to class. Pray that he would understand how precious he is to his Heavenly Father. 

MONDAY 9th November

Pray that Du Su has a wonderful 17th birthday today. She is doing well in school and is quite diligent in her studies. However, physics and chemistry are her weaker subjects. Pray that she will not give up easily, and believe that she can do well. She is a strong-willed girl. It will be good for her to learn to be gentle in her approaches to make more friends. 

TUESDAY 10th November

Sadly, three children in our care at our Hengyang project passed away recently. Please pray for the carers and other children who are going through a time of loss and deep sadness. 

WEDNESDAY 11th November

Please pray for Tan Gang as it is his 15th birthday today. Pray for his studies in school for the deaf. He is in a class with others his age, but academically is not at the same level as his classmates. Pray for good health. 

Answer to Prayer 

Give praise that we had a successful Walk the Wall event in Sanmenxia, the volunteers were amazing with the kids and when a few drops of rain came down they gave their jackets and umbrellas to keep the children dry. 

THURSDAY 12 November

Chen Li Hong will be 14 today. Give praise that she remains steady and stable, and pray that she remains so through her teenage years going into maturity and growing in confidence. 

FRIDAY 13th November

Today, please pray for Wu Zhong Wen who turned 21 yesterday. Pray that he would have more opportunities to develop new skills at home and that he would continue to enjoy shining. 

SATURDAY 14th November

Please pray for Yang Heng Zhi on her 10th birthday. Pray that she would accept boundaries and learn to live within family with awareness of others.