Prayer Calendar 8-14 Mar. 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week

FRIDAY, 8 March 

Pray for Tan Xun who celebrates turning 13 today. Please pray that he will learn and understand good manners, and will use them every day. 

SATURDAY, 9 March 

Today, please pray for Yang Tu Jin who turned three years old yesterday. She is a beautiful little girl with a wonderful spirit. Please pray that she would develop enjoyment in simple things, every day.

SUNDAY, 10 March 

Please pray for Yang Heng Hong who celebrated his 22nd birthday on Friday. Give praise for his gentle fun nature, and for the improvements in his self-caring. Pray for continued development in his learning to look after himself. 

MONDAY, 11 March

Ask the Father to send more volunteers to work with ICC in China, particularly at this time we ask for an infield China Teams Coordinator to work with our short-term teams ministry and for experienced Occupational Therapists with a heart to make a difference in the lives of children with physical and mental disabilities. 

TUESDAY, 12 March 

Please pray for Zhou Chao as he turns 22. Give thanks for this wonderful young man. Pray that he will have more opportunities to spend time enjoying being outdoors. 

WEDNESDAY, 13 March 

Dong Jie is turning 22 today. Please pray that she will have an increased appetite and will learn to enjoy all different kinds of foods, and won’t be too fussy about what she eats. 14 THURSDAY Pray for Yang Heng Wei who celebrated his eighth birthday yesterday. Pray that he will continue to find ways to express himself and that his carers will understand what he is trying to communicate.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise for our first anniversary of 16 children moving into the Hengyang Community Group Homes. Give thanks that the children have made great progress in their new home.