Prayer Calendar 8-14 January 2014

Our Prayer Needs for the Week

WEDNESDAY, 8 January

Yang Heng Yue turned nine on Saturday. Pray that he gains weight and continues to progress in his therapy. Praise God for his happy nature that brings joy to others. 

THURSDAY, 9 January

Today, Yang Tu Shang is three years old. Praise God that he has been matched with a family. Pray that the adoption will be finalized quickly. 

FRIDAY, 10 January

Tang Xiao Ni turns 29 tomorrow. Give thanks that she loves making new friends. Pray that she would continue to grow in her cheerful nature. 

SATURDAY, 11 January

Give thanks for Yang Heng Hang, who is 14 today. Pray for progress and patience as he continues to learn how to feed himself. Also pray that his carers would be motivated to find meaningful ways to engage with him. 

SUNDAY, 12 January

Let’s celebrate Dang Zhe, who turned eight yesterday. Praise God that he has developed into a leader, setting a good example for others. Pray that his legs will continue to strengthen through his therapy. 

MONDAY, 13 January

Yang Heng Hao celebrates his 13th birthday today. Please pray for an increased ability to communicate and to be understood in his own way and that he would be able to attend his classes more regularly. 

TUESDAY, 14 January

Give thanks for Qian Yuan, who turns 34 today. Pray that he would have more opportunities to develop his love for public speaking.

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks for the wonderful time of sharing that happened during the International Supervisory Board meetings that took place at the end of November.