Prayer Calendar: 8-14 February

Our prayer needs for this week

SUNDAY 8 February

Pray for Wang Qiu Yu as he turns three today. Praise our Father that he has settled a lot since his arrival and now is sitting up on his own and making some sounds. Please pray he would settle during meal times and find some enjoyment in playing with toys. 

MONDAY 9 February

Please pray for Dang Yan Ran on her fourth birthday. Give thanks that she is now settled into the Jasper room well and enjoys floor time to stretch and move. Please pray she would be willing to engage more with carers and therapists during one-on-one time. 

Yang Heng Gong is also celebrating a birthday today. He is 15 years old. He is so excited to lead the dancing exercise each morning and is growing in confidence around others.

TUESDAY 10 February 

Pray for Tan Mei Qi as she turns 15. She frequently dislocates her hip, meaning she is often in pain. Please pray that this will stop happening and that her pain and suffering will be replaced with comfort and happiness. 

Qiu Sheng turns 39 today - thank God he finds joy in doing his handicraft job well and explaining his skills to others.

Answer to Prayer

Give praise to God for the sensory room in Hengyang. Pray that it would be a place where each child will have an experience of God’s love through the things they touch and see and hear.

WEDNESDAY 11 February 

Today, Tang Min Wei is celebrating his 37th birthday. Please pray for a good recovery from removal of kidney stones, and please pray for strength in his bladder control.

THURSDAY 12 February

Yang Long Gang is 13 years old today. Pray for an increased confidence to speak up and be comfortable around others.

FRIDAY 13 February

Today, Dang Cui Liu turns 12. Praise to our Father that she finds enjoyment in being with people; their talking and singing to her helps to calm her. Pray she would continue to find ways to stay calm and emotionally stable.

SATURDAY 14 February

Pray for Ci Ci as she leads the management team in Hengyang in continuing to grasp our vision and how to bring it into greater reality.