Prayer Calendar 8-14 Feb. 2013

The week's ICC prayer needs

FRIDAY, 8 February 

Pray for Zhang Chun Hui who will turn two on Sunday. Give thanks that his health condition has improved greatly and he has become quite chatty with others around him. Pray he continues to make progress with his therapy and finds joy in life. 

SATURDAY, 9 February 

Today, please pray for Yang Heng Gong as he turns 13. Give praise that he mastered riding a bike and that it gives him such pleasure. Pray he would continue to grow in joy and love, both received and shared. 

SUNDAY, 10 February 

Please pray for Tan Mei Qi who turns 13 today. Pray that her carers will see an improvement in her appetite and please also pray that she will sleep better each day. Qiu Sheng also celebrates his birthday today. Let’s celebrate his 37th birthday together. Please pray that he will understand our Father’s love for him more and more every day. 

MONDAY, 11 February 

Today, Tang Min Wei is celebrating his 35th birthday! Give thanks for Tang Min and his part in the ICC family. Please pray that he could stay healthy and happy. 

TUESDAY, 12 February 

Please pray for Yang Long Gang on his 11th birthday. Ask that this young man will grow in confidence and will form wonderful friendships with those around him. 

WEDNESDAY, 13 February 

Please pray for protection from the winter cold, particularly for the children going to community schools. 

THURSDAY, 14 February 

Pray for Kyla and Alison, two of our field volunteers celebrating milestone (40th) birthdays on the 13th & 18th of February.