Prayer Calendar: 7-13 December 2014

Our prayer needs for the week

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks that in Sanmenxia we have finally filled the vacant positions for a translator, caregivers and a social worker. Also the welfare centre has employed a doctor, nurse, teacher and caregivers. Praise God!

SUNDAY 7 December 

Please pray for Wang Zhi Hong who turned17 yesterday. Pray that he will settle well in his new shop and weekday home in the new building, and for his relationship with his new roommate. 

MONDAY 8 December 

Today, please pray for Yang Fu Qin who turned five on Saturday. Pray that she will soon settle in to her new home with different carers and sisters.

TUESDAY 9 December

Please pray for Dang Hou on his 14th birthday. He enjoys vocational skills class in the afternoons and has amazing fine motor skills when working with the beads. Pray he can learn to use his voice more to express himself and be able to calm himself when feeling stressed. 

WEDNESDAY 10 December 

Please pray for Liu Hua turns 12 today. Give praise that she is able to come out for dancing most days, with a big smile on her face. 

THURSDAY 11 December

Today, please pray for a Changsha Area Director to be found to lead the Changsha projects. Pray for the right person to step into this position. 

FRIDAY 12 December 

Please pray for the new long-term staff preparing to come to China, such as Paul and Elaine Marjoram, Liam and Helena Mac Court & Ben and Naomi Banford. Pray for provision and good physical and emotional preparation. 

SATURDAY 13 December 

Pray for wisdom in the re-structuring of the operations and management in Changsha. Pray for mentors to come to support new managers put in place, and please pray that the values and culture of ICC would be strong in every area.