Prayer Calendar 7-13 August 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week

WEDNESDAY, 7 August 

Yang Xiu Yun is celebrating turning 14 today. Give thanks that she is enjoying being part of the hobby craft group. Pray that she would continue to know the Father’s love, approval and joy as she interacts during class. 

THURSDAY, 8 August 

Liu Guang is 29 today. Please pray that he will be able to continue with his therapy training. Dang Shan Zhou turns 6 today. Give thanks that he is making good progress in his special education classes in the project and can now count out loud to ten. Pray that his speech and pronunciation continues to improve. 

FRIDAY, 9 August 

Please pray for Yang Qing on her 23rd birthday. Give thanks that she continues to enjoy helping play her part in the community carrying rice and washing the dishes. Pray that she would develop a trusting relationship with her new carer. 

SATURDAY, 10 August 

Pray that Yang Fu Yan has a wonderful 10th birthday today. Give thanks that she enjoys playing chase with Zhi Zhi. Please pray that she would find joy in the summer heat when chase isn't such a good game. 

SUNDAY, 11 August 

Yang Jian Xin turned 19 on Friday. Please pray that he would find joy and meaning in his work. Pray that his confidence would grow in communicating with his house mates and adults in his life. 

MONDAY, 12 August 

Pray for Zhou Li who turns 21 today. Please pray that he will learn to tidy up after himself and will keep his things neat. Dang Mo Xin is turning 4 today. Give thanks as she is progressing well in her therapy and can now crawl slowly by herself and stand up for short periods. Pray that she would continue to have the desire and motivation to develop her mobility. 

TUESDAY, 13 August 

Today, Zeng Xiang is celebrating her 31st birthday today. Give thanks for this beautiful woman and pray that her behaviour will improve.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise the Lord for bringing new board members and advisers to work with ICC Hong Kong. May God strengthen their relationships, build faith in Him, and enable them to effectively develop the work of ICC.