Prayer Calendar: 6-12 September 2015

Our prayer needs this week

SUNDAY 6th September

Yang Zheng turns 17 today. Give thanks to God that she is diligent in her learning. Pray that she would continue to grow well through her teenage years, becoming aware of her strengths and passions in family life now and for the years ahead. 

Answer to Prayer 

Give praise for Luke, Rob, Victoria and Anna, and Winnie and Ray — all new volunteers joining the Hengyang team. 

MONDAY 7th September

Pray for Yang Jian Ping as she turns 17 years old today. Praise God that she is continuing to grow into a confident young lady. Pray that work opportunities for her future would come to light. 

TUESDAY 8th September

Please pray for Tu Heng Jun. He will be turning 22 on Thursday. Give thanks that he has been medically and emotionally stable, knowing both calm and the enjoyment of life. Pray that he would continue to develop healthy, life-giving relationships. 

WEDNESDAY 9th September

Let’s lift up Zeng Yi as he celebrates turning 19. He has been quite sick, and has been on and off of IV's for several months now. Please pray for stability in his health and pray for his caregivers as they are quite nervous to be caring for such a sick child. 

THURSDAY 10th September

Wang Gen is 32 today He likes computer class time, and is picking up new Chinese characters while learning typing.. Please pray that he will be diligent enough to his physical therapy and will continue to learn during computer classes. 

FRIDAY 11th September

Please pray for Du Sheng who turns 17 tomorrow. Since moving to his new group home, his behaviour has improved. His classes at the technical university have been challenging. Pray he continues his training. 

SATURDAY 12 September

Pray for Dong Wu on his 19th birthday. He has epilepsy and likes biting things, such as clothes and quilts. Please pray that he will have less seizures and that his biting will stop so that he can resume playing with others.