Prayer Calendar 6-12 November 2013

Our Prayer Needs for the Week

WEDNESDAY, 6 November 

Liu Zheng turns 18 today. Give thanks for the joy that he finds in nature during his visits to the park. Pray that his therapy sessions will continue to help him as he becomes an adult. 

THURSDAY, 7 November 

Please pray for Ian Dobson, ICC’s Sponsorship Manager. Give thanks for the treatment that he received for deep vein thrombosis and for his improved condition. Continue to pray for his recovery and his health as he transitions back to work. 

FRIDAY, 8 November 

Please pray for Yang Fu Sui, who is seven today. Pray that his confidence would grow along with his communicating skills and opportunities. 

SATURDAY, 9 November 

Today, Du Su is 15 years old. Please pray that she will continue to receive the love and care that she needs from her foster family. 

SUNDAY, 10 November 

Pray for Du Dong, who turned 21 last Friday. Please pray that he will be agreeable to finding a new job without night shifts and that he will be more willing to help out with household chores. 

MONDAY, 11 November 

Tan Gang is 13 years old today. Give thanks for his generous spirit and kindness towards others. Pray that he will continue to set a good example to others through his hard work and willingness to help around the home. 

TUESDAY, 12 November 

Please pray for Wu Zhong Wen, who is 19 today. Give thanks for his patience. Pray that he would continue to find meaning in being part of a family.

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks for the board members of ICCs National Offices and for the skills and passion that they bring to their roles. Pray for wisdom and a spirit of teamwork and humility as they continue to provide leadership to the National Offices.