Prayer Calendar 6-12 August 2014

Our prayer needs for the week

WEDNESDAY, 6 August 

Zheng Ren celebrates her 20th birthday today. Please pray that her digestion will improve and she will choose the right foods to eat for her body. Please also pray that she will keep her mind and body active. 

THURSDAY, 7 August 

Today, Yang Xiu Yun turns 15. Give thanks that she has been learning more, and using new words with which to communicate. Pray that she would continue to know our Father’s love through new friends from the community. 

FRIDAY, 8 August 

Liu Guang is 30 today. Recently he has not been feeling well with suspected appendicitis. Please pray for a quick recovery. Dang Shan Zhou turns seven today. He is walking with more stability and attending classes in the project. Pray that he continues to enjoy learning and strives to reach his full potential. 

SATURDAY, 9 August 

It is Yang Qing’s 24th birthday today. Praise to our Father for her caring nature and love of gardening. Please pray that she will see and experience our Father’s love as she cares for her flowers and her friends. Yang Jian Xin turns 20 today. Give thanks for his growing ability and independence. Pray that he will continue to grow in maturity and confidence to communicate with others. 

SUNDAY, 10 August 

Give thanks for Yang Fu Yan on her 11th birthday. Pray that she has health and energy to engage with her friends and carers. Please also pray for an increased appetite for food and life. 

MONDAY, 11 August 

Pray for Zhou Li as he celebrates his 22nd birthday tomorrow. Give thanks that he is now enjoying his job as a chef, and his passion for his work is now showing. Please pray that this passion will continue. 

TUESDAY, 12 August

Please pray for Dang Mo Xin as she turns five today. Give thanks that she is much more joyful and interactive with peers and staff. Please pray that she continues to enjoy participating in activities and learning.

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks for the new offices for the Australia National Office team, which has sufficient space and is within budget.