Prayer Calendar 5-11 June 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week


Pray that God will guide ICC Hong Kong in forming the National Board. The potential board members and advisors have been met, so please ask for guidance and wisdom in this decision. 


Pray for Yang Heng Chuan who turns 10 today. Give thanks that he is enjoying being part of the morning aerobics giving his legs a good bounce! Pray that he would enjoy his new “Learning to Learn” classes starting in June. Yang Xiao Feng celebrates her 16th birthday today. Give thanks that she is much calmer and enjoying life. Pray that she would continue to know the Father’s peace and security. 

FRIDAY, 7 June 

Zeng Liang is 15 tomorrow. Give thanks that she is currently in good health. Please pray that she will stay healthy and that she will have a deep happiness within her heart. 


Pray for Yang Cheng Xiu as he turns 14. Pray that he would find meaning in his study and pray for him as he finds his way through his teenage years. Please pray for inspiration and hope for what his future holds. 

SUNDAY, 9 June 

Please pray for Tie Mei who is 30 today. Give thanks that she is enjoying helping to rear a cat. Pray that she would find the Father's love in her day-to-day activities. Yang Feng’s birthday is also today, and he turns 25. Give thanks for his enjoyment in the hobby craft room. Pray that his walking would improve so his trips out with his roommates wouldn't be so exhausting for him. 

MONDAY, 10 June 

Continue to pray for the UK Board as they settle in and begin to work effectively as a team. Pray for them as they seek the best ways to serve as board members and for the leadership of Board Chair, Helen Kay. 

TUESDAY, 11 June

Please pray as ICC prepares to launch Walk the Wall 2013 this month. Pray for God's blessing on the event organisers all around the world and that many people would be moved to raise funds and join in the walks.

Answer to Prayer 

Thanks to God for our new combined Australian offices in Ipswich.