Prayer Calendar 5-11 February 2014

Our prayer requests for the week

WEDNESDAY, 5 February

Pray for Yang Fu Gao who celebrates his 12th birthday today. Pray that he will continue to settle in his new home and family with the boys in the Group Home in Hengyang and thank God for the richer and fuller life he now enjoys. 

THURSDAY, 6 February

Pray for ICC's global fundraising staff meeting this month in Vancouver for training and support. Pray for a good time of sharing, encouragement, and refreshing for each representative. 

FRIDAY, 7 February 

Give thanks for Yang Heng Xin, who turns 12 today. Pray for continued development in his computer skills and enjoyment of communication. Pray for God’s guidance in his heart as he grows into his teen years with his house mates. 

SATURDAY, 8 February 

Tomorrow, Dang Yan Ran will be three years old. Praise God that she continues to grow big and healthy. Pray that God would give her peaceful sleep at night. 

SUNDAY, 9 February 

Yang Heng Gong is 14 today. Give thanks for his confidence in leading dancing and performances. Pray that he would continue to be a model of a young man growing in confidence in his God-given self. 

MONDAY, 10 February 

Today, Tan Mei Qi turns 14. Praise God for her excellent health this past year, completely avoiding the flu. Pray that God would continue to bless her with good health. 

TUESDAY, 11 February 

Tang Min Wei is 36 years old today. Pray for greater flexibility in his hands so that he can manage his daily tasks more independently.

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks for the wonderful time that the children and staff in China had celebrating Christmas and for the opportunities to share the meaning behind the celebration.