Prayer Calendar: 5-11 April

Our prayer needs this week

SUNDAY 5 April 

Pray for Yao Fang who is turning 20 today. As she matures, please pray that she will have the wisdom and clarity from our Father to make wise decisions for her future. 

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks that the boys from the Sunbird Home in Hengyang are all recovering well from their operations. Pray that the family would settle into good new routines that would bring them, and their caregivers, full lives. 

MONDAY 6 April 

Please pray for Zhao Wan on her 30th birthday. Recently her moods have been very erratic. Please pray that this will change as her medication is adjusted. Please pray that she will be filled with happiness every day of her life. 

TUESDAY 7 April 

It was Yang Xiao Shu’s 26th birthday yesterday. Please give praise that he has a new cushion and is able to sit up for longer, but please ask our Father that he would feel relief from the pain and heal quickly. 


Please pray that the rebuilding of the retaining wall in Hengyang after last year’s landslide will be done so that the new playground can be constructed. 


Pray for the children in all projects with behaviour challenges. It is always difficult for their caregivers, so pray also for those amazing men and women as they carry out the behaviour management plans set in place. 

FRIDAY 10 April 

Today, Zhang Ya Ge turns 13. Give thanks to our Father as her health is good, and she is eating and sleeping well. Please pray that this will continue. 

SATURDAY 11 April 

Pray for protection for the children in the Starfish Home as they learn to live together.