Prayer Calendar 4-10 September 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week

WEDNESDAY, 4 September

Pray for Su Tie who turns 21 today. Pray that he would continue to work well with his carers. Li Huan (Barbara Li), the Special Education Manager for the Hengyang Project, is getting married on 20th September. Please pray for her arrangements to be smooth and for God's favour on her marriage. 

THURSDAY, 5 September

Yang Heng Qi turned 10 on Sunday. Give thanks that Qi is happy and growing. Pray also that she would develop strength in sitting and standing. 

FRIDAY, 6 September

Today, Yang Zheng celebrates her 15th birthday. Give thanks that she is great at being a big sister in her group home and that she has done so well during her first year at school. Please pray for her as she faces new challenges at school next year and pray that she will develop computer skills. 

SATURDAY, 7 September

Please pray for Yang Jian Ping on her 15th birthday today. Give thanks that she so enjoys her chores and her role in the group home family. Pray for her relationships as roles change with the girls. Please also pray that she would continue to develop her reading and writing skills. 

SUNDAY, 8 September

Please pray for long term field volunteers in the area of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social work, nursing and speech therapy to join the team in Sanmenxia, which is in great need of additional staff.

MONDAY, 9 September

Please pray for Zeng Yi as he turns 17 today. Pray that his health will continue to improve. 

TUESDAY, 10 September

Yang Heng Zhu turns 14 today. Please pray that he would remain healthy and enjoy his new activity program. Wang Gen turns 30 today. Pray that his health would get better each day.