Prayer Calendar 4-10 June, 2014

Our prayer needs for the week


Zeng Fang celebrates his 15th birthday today. Please pray that he gets the hang of braille quickly and is able to keep up with schoolwork. 


Please pray for ICC’s finances. The demand for funds required to support the growing needs in China continues to increase. We trust in God’s faithful provision and ask you to stand with us in prayer.

FRIDAY, 6 June 

The project in Sanmenxia is in need of a qualified medical doctor to cover a maternity leave. Please pray that the right person will be found and for the training process to go smoothly. 


Yang Long Tong turns two turns today. Pray for the healthy development of her body. Also pray that she will find a way to communicate her needs to her carers. Yang Heng Chuan celebrates his 11th birthday today. Pray for progress in his learning ability and that he will continue to develop in his relationship with his teacher and improve in his responsiveness to her. 

SUNDAY, 8 June 

Give thanks for Yang Xiao Feng who turned 17 yesterday. Praise God for improvement in her behaviour as she no longer bites herself, bangs her head or freaks out. Please pray the improvement in behaviour will continue. Zeng Liang celebrates her 16th birthday today. Please pray that she would eat more at mealtime and achieve a healthy body weight. 

MONDAY, 9 June 

On Sunday, Yang Cheng Xiu turned 15. Please pray that he would he would find peace, security and self-worth, and that he will discover an enjoyable activity to take the place of school. Yang Feng is 26 years old today. Please pray for this young man as he suffers from seizures that prevent him from receiving the surgery he requires. Pray that his seizures will come under control. 

TUESDAY, 10 June 

Give thanks for Tie Mei who turned 31 yesterday. She is a lovely young lady who is a wonderful helper and friend. Pray that she will develop her own interests.