Prayer Calendar 4-10 December, 2013

Our Prayer Needs for the Week

WEDNESDAY, 4 December

Yang Heng Qiu is 16 today. Please pray that she would continue to enjoy her craft classes and build strong relationships with others.

THURSDAY, 5 December

Zeng Lue turns 15 today. Give thanks for her kind heart and loving attitude towards others. Pray that she would continue to enjoy her lessons at school. 

FRIDAY, 6 December

Please pray for Fu Shan, who is 25 today. Pray that she would respond well to her sensory and physical therapy and that she will become more willing to try walking. 

SATURDAY, 7 December

Yesterday, Yang Fu Qin turned four. Praise God for all of the progress that she has made during her time with ICC. Please pray that it would continue. 

SUNDAY, 8 December

Wang Zhi Hong turned 16 on Friday. Pray for confidence as he begins working in a new shop and for vision and a growing relationship with his Heavenly Father. 

MONDAY, 9 December

Please pray for the staff in all of the projects as they work together to build stronger bonds among themselves and create a positive work environment. 

TUESDAY, 10 December

Liu Hua is 11 years old today. Pray that she would find meaningful ways to interact with others and enjoy a full life.

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks that the annual meetings between the welfare centres, ICC, and the Chinese government went well.