Prayer Calendar 31 July - 6 August, 2013

ICC's Prayer needs for the week


Pray for the strength of our field volunteer teams that are often overwhelmed by many demands and needs, pray for good times with God and for His encouragement and refreshing to come around them. Pray that they would know His call that sustains in the hard times.

THURSDAY, 1 August 

Pray for Janet Whitehead - our latest volunteer in Sanmenxia. Pray for her as she joins our Sanmenxia team, begins to language learn, and works with our children. 

FRIDAY, 2 August 

It is Yang Heng Xun’s 11th birthday today. Give thanks that he is enjoying story time each morning. Pray that he would find more to smile about in his everyday life. 

SATURDAY, 3 August 

Pray for Justin & Lisa Anemaat, our current Changsha Area Director and long serving staff members, together with their children as they take some much deserved leave this month. 

SUNDAY, 4 August 

ICC continues to have an urgent need for more long-term staff. Please pray for God to raise up people willing to serve in our projects, especially in our project in Sanmenxia.  

MONDAY, 5 August

Please pray for Terry & Rose Phillips - as they continue to provide Pastoral Care services to our field staff. 

TUESDAY, 6 August 

Pray for Zheng Ren as she turns 19 today. Please pray that her life will be filled with joy and that she smile more often.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise God that many children in the Sanmenxia project are being adopted and united with forever families. Pray for those that don’t have this opportunity; that they would know a strong sense of family through ICC’s love and care.