Prayer Calendar 30 July - 5 August 2014


Yang Tu Ru turns three today. Pray for a forever family for her. May she grow more confident and come to know the safety of being in God’s arms. 

THURSDAY, 31 August 

Please pray for the volunteers, staff and caregivers in Hengyang who have worked so hard due to the mudslide and the disruption that caused. Pray for rest and peace for all.

FRIDAY, 1 August 

Pray for Paul & Elaine Marjoram who are currently raising support to come and serve long term with ICC beginning in 2015. 

SATURDAY, 2 August 

Yang Heng Xun is 12 today. Pray that he would gain weight and have energy to enjoy his life. Give thanks that he has remained peaceful during the move from his old room after the landslide. 

SUNDAY, 3 August 

Pray for David Gotts and family as they enjoy the last few days of family vacation, that they will return refreshed. 

MONDAY, 4 August 

Pray for the Australian National Office team who will be moving to a new office space in early August. Please pray that the move goes smoothly with no interruption to services. 

TUESDAY, 5 August 

Pray for Alison Kennedy as she manages the completion of the new building in Hengyang—a permanent home for the kids whose previous homes were affected by the recent landslide.

Answer to Prayer 

Praise God for the funds that have been supplied in response to the Hengyang appeal.