Prayer Calendar: 3-9 September 2014

Our prayer needs for the week

WEDNESDAY, 3 September

Dong Kai is celebrating his 18th birthday today. Pray that our Father will bless him with good health and that he will know he is dearly loved. 

THURSDAY, 4 September 

Today, Su Tie is 22 years old. Give thanks that he finds joy in doing housework. However he can be aggressive, so please pray for a gentle spirit and that he will find a more appropriate way of expressing his emotions. 

FRIDAY, 5 September

Yang Fu Jun celebrated turning 12 yesterday. She is really learning how to be part of her family group and give thanks that she is communicating well with her sisters. 

SATURDAY, 6 September

Today, Yang Zheng is 16 years old. She enjoys school, but please pray that her self-confidence will increase and she will be able to make friends there. 

SUNDAY, 7 September

Give thanks for Yang Jian Ping on her 16th birthday today. Give praise that she continues to grow in her cooking skills. She feels things deeply, so pray that she is able to exercise self-control over her emotions. 

MONDAY, 8 September

Please pray for our Walk the Wall events. Pray for strong support and participation at each event to raise awareness and much needed funds for projects in China. 

TUESDAY, 9 September

Pray for Zeng Yi as he turns 18 today. Give praise that he is recovering from his recent hospitalization. Please pray for good control of his fits. Pray also that he knows that our Father loves him very much.

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks for the recent China Team that was in Sanmenxia. The kids had a fabulous time going on excursions and there were many water fights on the hot summer afternoons.